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Medical Briefs are complex and chaotic by nature: 1000s of pages - 100s of medical and non-medical documents - 10s of sources

We make sense of it. 


Automatic indexing allowing you to quickly scan what’s in the medical brief.


Let us give you a summary of all your medical documents.


Easily share your document list and review with your suppliers and clients.

Boost, enable and transform your team.

BEAR is a digital operations software that automatically indexes and summarizes large amounts of medical information, providing quick access to the pertinent information in the medical documents. With our platform, we dramatically reduce the time and cost to prepare and assess a medical brief.


The Smartest and Fastest Way to Comprehend Medical Information and Perform Medical Assessments. 

MORE REVENUE Your limitation to achieve your revenue dream is simply capacity. Your staff are struggling to keep up with volume. With BEAR, increase your staff capacity by 5x, and bring in more revenue.

DIGITAL LABOR Transform your staff into integrated profit-and-loss professionals by automating redundant tasks and assisted decision-making.

EFFICIENCY By reducing 80% of repetitive and low-value added tasks related to medical information, your organization will be focused on high-value work and boosting productivity.

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Bear Health Technologies is a technology company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is on a mission to empower health-related industries with quick access to insights on medical information.  

We enable our clients to focus on work that increases the quality of their output. It’s our purpose to rethink the way our users can have access to medical insights to support their day-to-day operations. 

Connor Atchison

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Luke Boudreau

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Connor Atchison and Dr. Luke Boudreau merged their 30 years of experience and knowledge in Independent Medical Examination (IME) and workers compensation industries and decided to found Bear Health Technologies (BHT) to revolutionize the way medical information is used within health-related industries.  

A few years later, BHT is already a global company leading the way in supporting IMEs with breakthrough technologies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When I upload a medical brief, am I able to continue working on other tasks while it is processing?

Yes, you can upload one or more medical briefs and then continue working on other tasks while BEAR works behind the scene.

Can I upload large medical briefs of 2,000 pages or more? 

Yes, BEAR can handle large medical briefs.

How can I find a specific word or term in the medical brief?

BEAR allows you to search any word or term through our Fast Find feature, which highlights PDFs in the BEAR Doc List containing that word or term.

Can I arrange my Doc List by title, date range, author or document type?  

Yes, BEAR Doc List allows you to sort and group your list as you like it.

What if I need to add new documents to the BEAR Doc List or delete duplicate pages?  

The BEAR Doc List simply adds the new line items under the title: Additional Documents as of: “insert date”. You can delete pages, and we keep track in the background. We can provide audit trails of all changes.

Can I download the BEAR Doc List and share it?  

Yes, you can download the BEAR Doc List as a hyperlinked PDF, making it a functional tool for use offline.

Are there limits to the number of users of the platform or additional fees for additional users?

As fees are charged on a “per medical brief” basis, there are no limits on number of users.  

Is the platform fully compliant with all forms of health data?

Yes, we are fully compliant with all health data laws: HIPAA, PIPEDA, and even GDPR.

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