Frequently Asked Questions

When I upload a medical brief, am I able to continue working on other tasks while it is processing?

Yes, you can upload one or more medical briefs and then continue working on other tasks while BEAR works behind the scene.

Can I upload large medical briefs of 2,000 pages or more? 

Yes, BEAR can handle large medical briefs.

Is the platform fully compliant with all forms of health data?

Yes, we are fully compliant with all health data laws: HIPAA, PIPEDA, and even GDPR.

Can I arrange my Doc List by title, date range, author or document type?  

Yes, BEAR Doc List allows you to sort and group your list as you like it.

What if I need to add new documents to the BEAR Doc List or delete duplicate pages?  

The BEAR Doc List simply adds the new line items under the title: Additional Documents as of: “insert date”. You can delete pages, and we keep track in the background. We can provide audit trails of all changes.

Can I download the BEAR Doc List and share it?  

Yes, you can download the BEAR Doc List as a hyperlinked PDF, making it a functional tool for use offline.

Are there limits to the number of users of the platform or additional fees for additional users?

As fees are charged on a “per medical brief” basis, there are no limits on number of users.  

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